Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to Clean Your FoodSaver & a Few Tips

I have always shared everything, including my bloopers.
In all honesty, I didn't realize you should clean your FoodSaver until mine stopped one day, telling me the tray was full. I know, gross. Sometimes the obvious escapes me. The simplest way to learn how to clean your FoodSaver is to open the machine. Seriously, it has the instructions listed inside. But, keep reading. I am showing you here with pictures. The front flips down & then there are two release button on each side. Push those in and the FoodSaver with fold completely open.

Then just read the instructions, remove the two trays, clean them well. The trays are dishwasher safe. Then let the trays dry completely.






After the parts are dry you reassemble the pieces, close the doors and you are ready to start vacuum sealing again.

TIP: 1) It is critical that the trays are completely dry. 2) The sensor that I am pointing at here on the left, will sometimes have unnoticeable residue that needs to carefully be cleaned or it will not allow you to reset the machine. This sensor triggers when then trays are full and need to be cleaned. The first time I cleaned the trays, I evidently didn't get the sensor completely cleaned of all residue. Causing it to still read full & not letting me continue to use the machine. It looked clean. Once I used the cotton swab with the rubbing alcohol & let it dry the machine reset itself and let me continue to vacuum seal.


  1. I have just gotten a vacuum machine and I sure appreciate the information about the sensor.

  2. It certainly threw me for a loop trying to figure it out.