Tuesday, December 1, 2015

12 Days of Christmas for Singles and other single like people...

Now for my single friends out there please note that you don't need a significant other to "complete" yourself - you are awesome with or without a partner. My strangest Christmas was when I was single and serving in the military. I had to work on Christmas day and I missed the meal at the mess hall. At the end of my shift I went to the only place open (Panama Canal Zone) which was a bar and had a hotdog.

That was years ago, I only wish someone had given me suggestions to help celebrate as a single person.

1. Buy yourself flowers or a box of ammo
According to a survey from eBates, 4 percent of people plan to send themselves flowers this year. Trust me you don't have to have a significant other to buy flowers. Get what you like and have fun making an arrangement.
If you get a box of ammo, go to the range and shoot the whole box. Or you could do both and shoot the flower arrangement when it croaks.
2. Keep your eyes open I noticed at Thanksgiving @LC Culpeper someone offered to host anyone to their home to share in the meal. Maybe this will happen again at Christmas (hint, hint to the married peeps). Take them up on the offer. They mean it, they want you to come and visit.

3. Play your favorite Christmas song on a loop all dayNo one can be annoyed. You could even dance...

4. Serve
Get involved in one of LC's outreach projects. Be a ding-a-ling and ring-a-ling the bell for the Salvation Army at Walmart. There is still time to sign up.

5. Write yourself a message on the bathroom mirror
Seriously, tell yourself you are beautiful/handsome, you are special, talented...

6. Pick out an ornament for yourself
I love the vast array of ornaments at Walmart.

7. Pizza
Buy the pizza you like and you don't have to share! In the words of the honorable Bill Murray, "Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself."

8. Send a note to another single friend

9. Do something silly
Wear a clown nose in public, carry a green balloon (TWD reference) and if someone asks why you have a balloon, hand it to them and say “It's for you!”
10. Friend me on FacebookPersonally I like having single friends, since my hubbie isn't Christian I like to connect with singles, and other single/married people. For me I hang out with females only. We along with single parents have a unique place in the community.
11. Find another single friend, get together and wrap presents.
This works especially well if you are a single parent.
12. Whatever the Heck You Want
Hello, you're a single adult and don't have anyone to answer to for how you spend your money or your time! Even though overspending is the top quality people don't want in a romantic partner, right now that's not your problem. So go ahead, and treat yourself with a little extra somethin' somethin' this Christmas.

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