Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DIY Cute "Hennie" Gifts - Plus Canned Chicken

There isn't a crafty bone in my body, so this DIY Cute "Hennie" chicken gifts is probably skill level zero.
First what is a "Hennie"? "Hennies are sweet chickens with gentle dispositions, fresh from the brooder, and eagerly awaiting you to adopt" & they were hatched (created) by a wonderfully creative mom from Born Imaginative. She hand makes these cuties and sells them on etsy. I've been watching and thinking about these little peeps.
One of my biggest dreams is to have my grandbabies become excited about farm life with us. Passing on skills for their future; having them revel in the good life.
There are two types of Hennies and several different characters, plus she does other really cute handmade toys to spark the imagination. 
On the left is an original Hennie. Each comes with one hen (approx. Height 3 in, Width 1 3/4 in Depth 4 in.), an upcycled origami nesting box (from paper bags), wool hay and a wooden egg. They also come with a birth certificate detailing their date of birth, their breed and the unique and special details specific to their breed. All for $10 They are SUPER cute!
Then on the right is the Hennie Ornament. She doesn't have the extra stuff, so she runs $7.50.

For Easter I made super simple DIY little chicken coops or as I like to say "canned chicken" for my grandchildren. You could easily adapt this to a Christmas or holiday project.

For Christmas I am going to give each of the grandbabies the Hennie ornament. I got little wooden craft crates at Michael's for $1, raffia and small wooden eggs. I just looped the raffia through the crate to create a hanger and look how cute they turned out.

If you are a little craftier, you could get an original Hennie and use the paper nest to create a patterns for folding your own nest in holiday paper.

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