Wednesday, February 17, 2016

God stuff & TWD

If you don't get it, you don't get it...
Often as the week progresses the message I heard on Sunday crops up as I roll through life. This week was a biggie. Sunday evening I was watching TWD. The entire time I kept thinking about if the characters had #thesustainingjoy. Dr. Denise and the wolf man; Abraham, Daryl and Sasha's standoff with Negan's riff-raff and of course Carl's eye (#OHNO, #tooearly). There were so many bad situations in this episode - that if these characters joy were based on circumstances it would quickly have died. Especially Rick's.
Life in the Zombie Apocalypse would have very few happy days.
What struck me the most was I realized, yet again the “why I do, what I do”. You know talking to unchurched or dechurched people is truly based on wanting them to understand that God loves them where ever they are in their journey. That is my purpose in life. Love God, love others, it's simple... To be able to experience a better life now! I want them to feel the the joy I have, even in the midst of ashes.
Sure there is the really big picture of where to spend eternity, that concerns me deeply. Particularly with those I love dearly and haven't made the decision.
There may be people that would harshly judge & question a follower of Christ watching TWD, but this was a great episode that opened a door with someone I love to have another discussion based on how changing your path and focus is worth it all. It took me awhile to find a church when I moved. My highest criteria was that the place would be people who loved God and loved others. I just happened to get really "lucky" that it also has great music and messages. All of that and it streams live every Sunday @Lifepoint.
Oh...BTW I would even have joy in a zombie apocalypse.

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