Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Odd Eggs You Won't See in Your Carton...

Truly, egg production is a fascinating hobby. The eggs that actually come out of chickens are sometimes strange and very unusual oddities.
One of the first unusual eggs i got was a wind egg, rooster egg (learned this from a man who was born in Jamaica) or even called "fart" eggs (just reporting the facts here). I actually prefer to call them fairy eggs. 
There are some smaller chicken breeds that actually lay eggs this size all the time, this type for my chicks was a gal learning how to make an egg. It wasn't any bigger than a quarter & didn't have a yolk. 
Next I learned about "rubber" eggs. Actually this week one of my gals has been laying rubber eggs. Basically it is an egg without a shell (or much of a shell) just the membrane with an egg inside. you can actually touch the outside and it is flexible & it actually has the normal egg white and yolk inside. Today she laid an egg with so little shell it was brittle to the touch. I barely touched it and it would crack. She has been laying already and it getting extra calcium in her diet plus the rubber eggs have been fairly large. My guess is she is adapting to being a gal that is going to lay some of those...


..super ginormous eggs. My gals are red-sex link chickens. They are known for being friendly, cold weather hardy, consistent egg production and for laying large brown eggs. Well, actually extra large and jumbo are the average here on the farmette.
We do not get medium eggs at all & there are very few large eggs. These ladies consistently lay eggs on an average of 68 - 74 grams. With our largest egg so far has been 108 grams!

I will be adding more facts about eggs as we go along. Oh, and the reason we keep those ginormous eggs vs. putting them in your egg carton...they simply do not fit.

Last but certainly not least, are the wonderful double yolk eggs. This just happens to be one of the ginormous eggs from above. Fried eggs & bacon this morning. I really should have let Mr. Perky crack these because he too is fascinated by the various oddity eggs. Next time Mr. Perky. 

If you live local to the Central Virginia area, of course I sell our lovely soy-free farm eggs for $5 a dozen.

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