Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Using Coconut Oil...

If listed out I could probably do "101 Ways to Use Coconut Oil", but long lists intimidate me. One of the great things about coconut oil is it doesn't get rancid, like so many oils. It will stay stable for years. Basically, since I started using coconut oil I use it for most anything. I use it as as a moisturizer. I keep a little tin with coconut oil in my bathroom or/or bedroom. I use it on my face, rough skin on feet & elbows, hands, I even use a dab for my hair in the winter.
I use it for cooking, for frying, even melt it down and substitute it for oil in recipes.
I use a small bit on my eggs, it extends the actual shelf life of eggs for months
You can use on it eggs you buy from the store or if you have chickens.
I use coconut oil to make hand creams, home made toothpaste and more like reconditioning wood items in the kitchen. 



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