Saturday, July 4, 2015

How to Pressure Can Hamburgers...

Zaycon's 93/7 super lean ground beef events are now going on around the country.

Beginners note: All canned meat must be pressure canned (not in a pressure cooker). Iyou don't have a pressure canner, now is the time to start saving (there is a link at the bottom that leads to my personal recommendations).
Took a 10 lb. chub. Sliced it into 40 slices (makes 1/4 lb. burgers), Make sure the meat is chilled, makes for easier slicing.

TIP: Trying to find something to form the burgers with that would fit in my jars...I used the ring for the wide mouth canning jar. I used wide mouth canning jars. Trust me on that one. The patties fit in the jar really well. Once I discovered using the ring, it has made the process so much easier. You simply use the amount that squishes into the ring itself.

You don't have to do patties. you could simply brown up the hamburger and proceed from there.

Cooked them up, they don't have to be completely done. In fact, I would now, probably only cook them to medium rare. They will be cooking for at least 75 more minutes when you pressure can them.

Edited: When I initially canned the hamburger I added a little of the fat and then water the bottom line of the screw part of the jar. Now I simply add the cooked patties to the jars, removing as much fat a possible, no water - then pressure can. I place the meat on paper towels. In my first batch I learned that adding water, broth or having too much grease would basically "boil" the meat during the process. This creates a very mealy end product.  By not adding any additional liquid, I found the texture to be more like fresh meat.

You may add seasoning. In fact I encourage it. Pressure canning tend to take some of the flavor out in the process. I am still experimenting with adding spices. I tend to keep is simple, so that I am able to use the meat for several recipes.
Wiped the rims down with vinegar on a towel.
Put on the clean sterilized lids and tighten them "finger tight". To accurately achieve "finger tight", simply place on the lid and ring & them let go of the jar. Turn & tighten the lid, until the jar is spinning on the counter. Then tighten a little bit more.

(This is an old photo, NOT Zaycon's awesome meat)

Then I pressure canned the pints at 10# for 75 minutes. I was able to get 4 patties in each pint jar. 
The pounds of pressure you use for pressure canning is based on the altitude of where you live. If you live above 1000 feet elevation you will need to adjust the pounds of pressure.
First you could simply check your canning guide that came with your pressure canner. It should have a chart included.
Or you could read this article:

Attitude, Altitude and Aptitude 
When we open the hamburgers to eat, we "kiss them on the grill" to impart more flavor.
The average shelf life depends on how well you store the jars. If they are kept in a cool (at least below 72 degrees), dark, dry location they will last years.

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  1. How do you prepare the patties after you open the jar? Could this be done in a regular pressure cooker - in smaller batches of course?

    1. Linda,
      First things first. All meat products have to be pressure canned. Sadly a pressure cooker doesn't reach the proper temperatures to insure safety processed products.
      When we open the jar of hamburgers then we "kiss it on the grill" to impart more flavor.

  2. I was curious why no water or beef broth? I usually can roast or cooked brisket sliced for sandwiches after grilling outside. I always use beef broth or powdered beef broth and dehydrated onions to add flavor. I do know that I have found better success in canning, as you said by removing as much of the fat as possible. Do you do this by draining on paper towels??? Also does juice continue to cook out during the canning process and is this why you don' suggest using water?

    1. Ginger Jar,
      Adding flavoring is just fine, that is a personal preference.
      What I have found with ground beef, the liquid seems to boil the meat and make it extra mealy in texture. For me it is a texture thing.
      Yes, I use paper towels or re-usable clothes to drain out as much fat.