Sunday, July 26, 2015

OMGoodness! The Very Best Blueberry Juice Ever!

My life has been changed! Seriously, the difference from how I was making blueberry juice before and using a juicer/steamer is like light & day. 
In July 2015 I got to make blueberry juice with a juicer/steamer.
In my previous post I thought the juice I was making was not difficult, albeit time consuming. 
Next the product description from Amazon: "With a 11-quart capacity, this juicer steamer offers plenty of room for high-volume juicing, Simply add fresh fruit in the top container, fill the bottom container with water, and bring to a boil on the stove top. The resulting steam gently extracts the juice, which drips into the center pan where it can be collected from the surgical-quality tube. Drink the vitamin-rich juice fresh, or save it for making jelly or syrup. Without the center pan and tube, the juicer steamer can also be used to steam vegetables on the stove top. Ruggedly built, the juicer steamer features gleaming stainless-steel construction with a bottom that consists of a layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel for fast, even heat distribution. Side loop handles on each of the three vessels help ensure safe, secure transport, and its secure-fitting lid with a loop handle helps keep in heat, moisture, and nutrients. Instructions and a recipe book come included."
This is what it looks like:

Here is how simple it was to make the juice; we set the base on the stove, added water, placed the collection pan & strainer basket on top. Note the hose is clamped to the top part of the juicer. Then added 2 gallons (16 pints) of blueberries inside. Next we added to lid.

Then we heated the steamer to a gentle boil. The book said to boil for 60 minutes, but it took less time. 
This part is a little tricky, but take your time and you will be fine. You unclamp the hose (using hotpads and a bowl, because the liquid is VERY hot) and allow the juice to pour into a canning jar. When the jar is full add a clean new lid and ring. 

Then we used a boiling water bath, with a rack (25 mins) to seal the canning jars.

I have to tell you this juice is an amazing elixir of blueberry joyfulness!  Plus, as you know blueberries are considered a super food. So nutritious & the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

The steamer/juicer is also perfect for getting great juice for making jelly. There is a lot of other things you are able to do with the juicer/steamer including blanching vegetables. I am so happy I found out how easy this was to do. I have been saving my money to buy one & I actually just ordered mine. We were using the Mehu Liisa.


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  1. Very interesting. I will have to look into the juicer/steamer. I am still using an old style juicer and a food mill. Thanks for sharing this with us on the Homestead Blog Hop.