Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to use a P-38 (what is that?)*

The P-38 is a type of can opener that has been used by the military for many, many years. I have had one on my key chain since I was in the military some 30 plus years ago. It has a handle with a small, hinged metal tooth that folds out to pierce the can lid. A notch just under the hinge point keeps the opener hooked around the rim of the can as the device is "walked" around to cut the lid out. The handle portion can also double as a flat-blade screwdriver

I have ordered a passel of P-38's from Amazon. Some to keep on hand and some to gift. Each of us have one on our key-chain.
Some people have had issues with P38's that they have ordered. I would highly recommend that you only order ones that are made in the U.S.

I decided to practice using my P 38 again just to show you just how easy it is to have a can opener with you at all times. This is how easy the P-38 is to use:
You hook the “notch” under the rim of a can & pierce the lid with the cutting blade...


Then rock the P 38 back and forth, “walking” it around the lid to cut the lid off. Like this...


There you have it. It's that simple to use. There is also a larger version called a P-51.
Stuck out camping and you don't have a P-38 on your key ring? 

Oh and the small stone is simply worked in a circle around the rim of an upright can thus no spillage.

I personally found it interesting that shortly after seeing this video for the first time, I learned why this works? It is the way they flange the lid onto the can at the factory. The top actually wraps around the body of the can, like the picture below. When you use the concrete or rock, you are simply rubbing off that top layer. Cool!

I have both the newer type of can openers that take the rim of the top & the older type (of these) that leaves the rim on the can. Which is important if you are opening large containers of say freeze dried items in a #10 can. You need to leave the rim on so you are able to place a lid on the can.

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