Sunday, August 9, 2015

“Home, Debt-Free, Home” Chapter 6 BIG HONKING, SCARY STEP #2

Home, Debt-Free, Home” 

Chapter 6


The readers on these financial posts are dropping likes flies. I told you in the beginning, I am not a financial adviser, nor a writer. The thing is the steps were simple, but not easy. This will be a very short chapter.
Our goal was We hope to sell our home in three years (this was written in 2013), and purchase another home with only the equity. Completely debt free. This will be more of a self sustainable homestead.”
The last step was we refinanced our home and combined the equity we pulled out and the money from our 401k's and then we had cash in hand. We were adamant that were were only going to spend that much money, no matter what. We didn't have to pre-qualify for a loan, we came to the table with a straight offer and with the absolute goal of selling our current home as soon as possible.
We looked for over a year.
Stuck to our strict budget. Made a list by establishing what was important and not important.
The pressure was on.

Told you it was going to be short chapter. Basically that is how we gathered the money to purchase our new home. We weren't rich, we were willing to do what it took to achieve our goal and we got out from under the cloud of debt.
Is that the end of the story? We will see...

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