Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Learning to be a Country Girl...

I anticipated that I would be learning new things, changing the way I look at things as I transition from a city gal to a country gal.
Now that I am spending a couple nights a week at the farm, I have been blown away by how funny it is that the little things that catch my attention. 
Things I haven't noticed about life in the city, until I started spending time in the country.
The other evening I had spent some quality time with a friend. Just old fashioned chatting and after we hugged and said our farewells I started to drive home, in the country. 
Now please don't roll of the floor laughing, but I was amazed at how dark it was. No street lights, no ambient city lights, just a lovely dark, tree engulfed, almost two lane winding road that was leading down the miles to my new home. Nary a car in sight.
Then it dawned on me, I need to use the high-beams for my headlights on my car! I know it sounds so simply, but seriously in the city there is so much light-too much light and I can't remember the last time I used my high-beams in the city. Living in the city is such a sensory overload for those that seek a more hushed world. Some people thrive on it I suppose, but I do not.
But the cool thing was I loved the fact that is was so dark. I am embracing these changes for it appeals to my deeper needs. I find solace in the quietness.

After I arrived safely home, I changed into my jammies and sat out on the front porch, with only a candle lantern casting it's soft glow, relishing the relative silence. Oh, sure a dog barked now and again and I could hear the gentle hum of various insects prowling about, yet I sat there enveloped by nature and felt a true peace... 
I believe I am really going to like being a country girl.

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  1. Don't worry about laughter from me. Two years ago, I was gushing over many "every day" things. Yes, it gets dark, so dark that you can't see your hand in front of your face on an overcast night. And silent. One night, sitting in my kitchen (no ticking clock or fridge), I could hear bubbles pop in my sourdough! Then .... there is the amazing procession of wildflowers in a field left wild. And the wonders of finding newborn kittens under the porch steps (or, in our case, last night behind the barn loft ladder and no mom in sight) And where we live - an unexpected vehicle coming in the driveway, well, our first year it was "Oh, oh, oh, we have company!" and now we stand on the porch, checking to see if you recognize the truck, and if you don't, or if it's a car (because WHO drives a car up here?), you stand there with arms crossed and say, "Good day. Are you lost?" Why? Because I almost *never* get unexpected, unrecognized company, and when I do it's someone like the tax assessment office! LOL

    Living in the country changes your views on so many things. :D

  2. when we moved to the farm from the city, the first thing I noticed was that my chest unknotted like a clock spring wound too tight. Moonless nights were so brightly lit by stars that one didn't need a flashlight. Even those quiet moments were punctuated by a bird, an animal's call, or a far away rumble of unknown origin (what we refer to as wood troll tummy rumbles). Note the subtle changes in the seasons. You'll soon find that your own rhythms will synch up with the world that surrounds you.