Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 Fabulous Favorite Kitchen Tools

Our grandmothers or great-grandmothers didn't worry about GMO's or any of the other crazy things we have to watch out for in today's society.
They managed by growing gardens and preserving their harvest for their families to last through out the winters. They didn't have a Wegman's or Trader Joe's to run to in the country. I am encouraged to see a new generation that care about what they feed their families and wanting to learn vintage skills. I learned later in life to appreciate these skills and I really enjoy doing these new things.

High-quality tools make this new journey an effortless process now & these 5 Fab Fav Kitchen Tools will make your life incredibly easier and save you a lot of money in the long run.
The longer I am on this journey the more I find that the pressure canner, food dehydrator, vacuum sealer and water bath canner are indispensable equipment. I am also adding a steamer/juicer to my Fab Fav list, since I have learned how simple it is to make various types of juices for jelly & drinking.

1. Why You Really Need a Pressure Canner. Tips & Tricks to buying the correct pressure canner for your needs. Learn from my mistakes.
The most important kitchen tool on my list would be a good quality pressure canner. Pressure canning is easier than you think. From meats to milk, all protein based, non-acidic foods NEED to be pressure canned.

Instructions here.

2. Dehydrator: Little or Big?
When you start dehydrating food for long term storage, you eventually be decide you need a dehydrator. Find out how I decided which to get. In the end the answer will probably surprise you.

Instructions here.

3. Vacuum Sealer to the Rescue
Using a vacuum sealer if one of the best ways to prep & store dry foods long term. From grains & beans to chocolate! The possibilities are endless. Learn how to use this simple tool. Bonus: Have an electric one for prepping now & a non-electric option for when the grid is down.

Instructions here.

4. Water Bath Canner
While you are able to water bath in a pressure canner, there are still benefits to having a water bath canner. Whether it is making jams & jellies or putting back your acidic produce for the winter, here you will learn a few tips and tricks. Plus I demonstrate canning tomatoes from this week.

Instructions here.

5. Love Juice? Make Your Own
Last, but not as critical I would recommend having a non-electric steamer/juicer on hand for high quality juice which you may drink or turn into jelly.

BONUS: Canning Utensils: Why would you want to read a review of canning utensils? Well some brands are actually better than others and I will tell you what to look for and why. Plus, I am sharing my favorite super storage tip for canning utensils.

Read the reviews and tip here.

Well my gentle reader, I hope this list of tools for the kitchen was helpful & that you enjoyed the article. You will find that I simply share what I am actually doing as I have learned these new skills. We would love to have you join our community on Facebook at Perky Gramma Teaches, where simply share what we are learning.
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