Monday, September 28, 2015

How to Store Eggs With Coconut Oil

Imagine you take a trip to Perky Gramma's farm and you decide to pick up some of the ginormous fresh eggs or maybe you just happen to find a great sale at the grocery store. Wouldn't you like to stock up?
Storing eggs may seem to be a foreign concept, unless you don't use eggs quickly.
Storing eggs with coconut oil is so easy and will help your eggs stay fresh for literally months! 

When you are working with fresh eggs; you want to wipe off the "schmutz", but don't wash the "bloom" off. This bloom actually provides a natural barrier for the egg. With fresh eggs, you are able to wipe them off and they will keep without refrigeration. Wash them when you use them.  

Now I finally have my own sweet chickens and I wanted to share again how to store your eggs. I get close to 70 eggs a week so I do wash them and coat them with coconut oil. 
If you are working with store bought eggs, bring them to room temperature. In fact, considering how old the store bought eggs could be I would recommend coating them with the coconut oil when you get them home from the store.

How to Store Eggs with Coconut Oil:
1. Ensure you are using only fresh eggs at room temperature. Check your eggs against light for cracks and just use those first, don't store.

2. Take the eggs out of the little cups in the carton. Trust me you will appreciate that later. Otherwise things get a little slippery and it's harder to grasp them.

3. Get out your coconut oil, get a smidge on your hands and rub your hands together to warm up the oil or you may warm the coconut oil up until it is liquid. Several people have asked about using other food grade oils. Sadly, other oils will eventually go rancid.

4. Slather the eggs with a little the coconut oil on your hands. You want to coat the egg evenly and entirely.

5. Place them small tip down in the carton.

6. Afterwards I date the box with the month/year I got the eggs ready. If stored properly in a cool, dry, dark location the eggs could last about 9 months. I used to write 9 months, just in case I forget. But I don't do that any more. Then put it away.

7. Once a month I turn the eggs over (upside down) to keep the yolks from settling.

Just to show you an egg I just cracked that I did at the beginning of October (2015). This eggs is about 15 weeks old in the fridge. Looks & tastes nice and fresh.


When you are testing freshness of your eggs there is always the float test. Place the egg in a bowl of water, if it sinks it is really fresh. If the egg is still on the bottom, but is starting to stand up it is still good to use. If the egg floats to the not use it, it isn't fresh.
But, the best test I have found is simply sniffing the egg as you open it. There will be NO DOUBT if your eggs isn't fresh. 
There is one drawback of storing eggs with coconut oil, the egg whites will not whip up for a meringue anymore because of the oil.

Items I have used this week:


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