Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ABOUT Perky Gramma Teaches

Hi there,
I am Perky Gramma Teaches (Dorothy) and I
am simply sharing my journey...
I am going to CHALLENGE YOU to do the same.

I am still relatively new to all of this. Here I will share my journey to how I have gotten to where we are in our life of self-sufficiency. While I am new, I still do a lot of research as I learn new skills.
I have had to learn it all from scratch: preparing for the future, pressure canning, learning dehydrating & gardening, reloading my own & renewing my weapons skills.

Our journey actually started in late 2011. We decided that we were uncomfortable with the way the economy is going. We managed to scrape by though the economic fall in 2008. We lost a lot of our 401 retirement plans and my bean stock. But, then so did a lot of people. The difference is we decided to do something about it. We are just average people, like you who are looking to protect our family and lifestyle.
We ramped up in the fall 2012, as I found a wider community to learn from.

In this short amount of time focusing on our goals, we have managed to become far more self-sufficient. Our biggest accomplishment to date, was we were able to get out of debt and purchase our own "retirement" farmstead for CASH.
That's right! We aren't rich, so I believe that you could do it too.

One thing I encourage is to read through the blog posts here or even follow this page. I am just starting to write here, but I have a ton of information to share with you. When I started I did that with several trusted sites & it really jumped started my search for knowledge. It is a way to learn things very quickly. Sort of like reading a book.
I am interested in meeting others, particularly for the D.C. Metro and Central Virginia area.
Just so there are no surprises: I am also a follower of Christ, though everyone's faith journey is welcome & respected here. I served in the Army (Military Police) and we support the second amendment.

I am married to Mr. Perky and we have been married 28 years, we have two fantastic grown children (both boys) who are married to spectacular ladies and we are grandparents x 6. 

Please feel free to follow me on this journey here and on Facebook at Perky Gramma TeachesI interact better there at this point in time. Feel free to share pictures of your journey, what YOU are actually doing.
Welcome to the journey and I look forward to hearing from you!

(Me pressure canning chicken)

Shopping with Perky


I have an online Amazon Associate/store called Perky Gramma Teaches Store. This allows me to show you the products I have personally used and endorse, while monetizing my work. What I found early on was people would ask me where I got such & such an item and I would simply share a link. 
Even on regular Amazon (not prime), on specific items, when your order reaches a certain point, I believe it's $35 the shipping to home is free. So, I created a store of these items I use frequently or recommend. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but I do receive a small percentage as an advertising bonus, if you purchase from my store. You are even able to just link in and do any of your regular Amazon shopping.


I do not receive compensation from Walmart referrals. But, if the deal is better with Walmart I will tell you. If your order for Walmart is over $50 (and must be qualified items), they will ship it to your house for free. You just watch what items you order. I just add to my cart, until I reach the $50, then I place the order. 


  1. Hey Perky Gramma! Congrats on the farmstead purchase! I wish we could do something like that. Lord willing, in time. The Lord's been providing for our needs so far, so that works for us. I'll have to poke around here from time to time. I'm sure I'd learn a thing or two. Glad you started blogging. God bless! = )

    1. Lynda,
      That's what this is all about sharing how we got to where are. We are just several (try a decade or two) years ahead. I believe God will grant the desires of your heart.