Monday, June 15, 2015

Do YOU Want to Save/Earn Money with Zaycon?

Several Zaycon events are gearing up, so time to start planning ahead. As you know I love Zaycon meats and please allow me to be your referral as I show you how to save and earn money for your Zaycon purchases
This post is to help you earn some credits for your account. I just recently ordered my chicken and it was FREE. 40 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast FREE. In total I have earned $241 dollars worth of free chicken & bacon & I still have money in my account. I want you to be able to share with your friends & earn credits. So here are some tips.

1) First, always use your referral number when posting. I post when I order something. Something like, just ordered 40 pounds of some of the best hamburger around, with a picture and my referral number. That's it.
2) Next, I post when I pick up my product. Something simple, with a picture and referral number.
3) Then I will share a recipe or picture of my canning with my referral number.
In short, just talk about it every now and then. No hard sell, just share what you are doing.  Feel free to copy and paste anything I write on Zaycon to use on your Facebook page. 
Now, if you would like to share some reviews of Zaycon, feel free to post this blog post linked at the end of the paragraph and remember to add your referral number. I have made it generic (without my number), just so you are able to use it for your gain. Are you getting the picture? Why my friends love this thing called Zaycon...

When I first heard about Zaycon foods, I went to their site and read everything about them. 
Then I registered. Forty pounds is a lot of meat and even with a decent per pound price, it is still a big chunk of money to lay out. Thankfully, I started saving up money each month & was able make the purchase from my saved money.


Then initially they didn't offer any “events” remotely close to my area. But, I registered anyway & I have encouraged others to do the same. I learned that from Zaycon that the more people that register and share, the better chances of creating a new event location. Ireally did work. Now if you really live in the boonies, you may have to travel more. As LeAnn knows they don't ship to Alaska yet.

After you register, you then look for events that are close to you. I was willing to drive about an hour to be able to pick up my chicken. It is worth the drive for me, especially for the quality and cost of the chicken.

Honestly it took me awhile to decide that I was going to purchase from them. But I finally decided I was going to order. I talked to a friend and the first time we split a case of chicken (20 lbs. each) and we pressure canned the chicken breasts together.
There are Zaycon supported Facebook sites in some areas. Mine is Zaycon Fresh of Virginia. These sites if available in your location, allow you to find other people what are will to share an order with you. 

Just look at the size of this chicken breast. These are really cage free chickens, the super size comes from what Zaycon specifically orders from the farmers.
Most retailers & restaurants order smaller sizes. I called to ask them.

So, how do you save on your purchase? 
The power comes from sharing with your friends. 
  1. Now please allow me the honor of being the person that introduces you to Zaycon. click this link & Register. This is my unique link:
  2. After you register you will receive your unique referral link & SHARE YOUR REFERRAL LINK with your friends. This is a really important step. When people you know register and purchase, you will receive $1 credit each time that person purchases - to apply to your purchases.
  3. Then subscribe to an area (or two, depending how far you will travel) under the location tab.
  4. Order your chicken or other product.
  5. Then the day of your local event, you drive up, hand them your confirmation, they load it in your car. 
Back to my friend, as I mentioned we split our first case. We were so impressed with the quality of the chicken, she registered and the next time we bought 3 cases (60 lbs each). I got a credit of $1 for her purchase. That is how you start to earn credits.

40 lbs. of chicken ya'll

Even if I didn't get referral $1's, I still wholehearted believe that this is an excellent deal. The quality alone is worth everything.
I know several of you already do Zaycon, please feel free to share your thoughts.

Tasty bacon from Zaycon: baking
for Pasta Carbonara from 100% from storage

Zaycon really does offer a great deal on fantastic products. The food is superior and I have been so very happy. Why not hop on the Zaycon band wagon today?
Loved having you visit & would enjoy it even more if your joined our community on Facebook, Perky Gramma Teaches.

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