Sunday, June 21, 2015

Step by Step: FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer to the Rescue

As you get to know me you will learn I really enjoy pressure canning and vacuum sealing various meats. Vacuum sealing is really a great way to save meat for the long haul. It greatly increases the freezer life of food. The bags (although not cheap) really are worth the extra cost because they keep a lot more air out that standard bags. Less air, the longer the meat lasts.
As you may know, I also order a lot of meat from Zaycon because of the great savings & quality.

My girlfriend brought one of her vacuum sealers over, Here is her daughter going through the steps.

1) Square up the top of the bag

2) Insert the bag until your hear the sealer start to engage

3) Wait for the red light to turn off

4) Remove the bag & you are done. Ready to throw in the freezer.

Keep an eye out for City Mouse who seems to be popping up every now and again.

I used both quart sized and pints sized bags today. Vacuum sealing in bags is really that simple.

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  2. Remember that even the best vacuum sealer may have a few negative reviews, so be sure to separate the occasional defective device from the rest of the reviews.