Sunday, June 21, 2015

City Mouse, Country Mouse musings...

I have a story to tell. We are still transitioning between our old house in the D.C. Metro area suburbs to out in the back country.
I ordered my Zaycon Chicken back in early May. Thursday afternoon I got my alert text that the chicken event pick-up was this Saturday. Yippee! Oh, NO! We are mostly living in town (where the chicken event was), BUT my FoodSaver, bags and freezer are at the new house.
I quickly call my dear husband, who was at the farm and asked him if he could find the FoodSaver. He found it,, but not the bags. UGH! Usually I am far better prepared than this.
Now, I admit living in the city has some advantages. One is my Amazon Prime Membership.
I actually am one who takes their time in making decisions. When I am settled I jump in with both feet. I love my membership, since I do a decent amount of ordering from them, especially books. First I liked the free 2 day shipping. Next, I started to enjoy free movie and t.v. shows. Then they just introduced free same day delivery ($35 order) in my area.
I jumped online and ordered my bags. Woot! Woot!
They arrived on Friday (within 24 hrs.) as promised. This really is a good deal if you do a decent amount of purchases online. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Saturday, I headed out to Leesburg, VA.  I drove into the parking lot of a local church...

...and Ambassador Andy, the kind driver from Zaycon loaded my forty pounds of chicken in my car & took pictures with my City Mouse. I ran by 7-11 to get ice to pack the chicken with and then headed out to the farm, with my FoodSaver bags, camera and my mouse- since it is about a 90 minute ride.


When I got to the new house, my dear friend & her daughter came over and helped me vacuum seal all the chicken. Here is how to ---> (Step by Step: FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer to the Rescue).

I popped the completed bags in the freezer & then I loaded some of the chicken to take back to Northern Virginia.
This city mouse still has some learning to do.

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