Monday, June 22, 2015

Barbecued Jerk Zaycon Chicken Beasts

I have been to the lovely country of Jamaica twice in my life. Not to a vacation resort, but to chaperon our youth group who helped build a school and a home for unwed mothers on the streets of Kingston.
During my travels there I feel in love with some much of their food; but especially Jerk Chicken. I have mixed it up over the years & this is how I make my Jerk Chicken now. You need chicken breasts, your favorite barbecue sauce and Jerk sauce. This time I used Jamaica Joe's Jerk Sauce, but I really prefer 
Grace Jamaican Jerk Seasoning (Hot).

If it's your first time you might want to mix the barbecue and jerk sauce in a separate bowl, to get the heat level you prefer. I just tasted this brand of jerk to figure out I needed two heaping tablespoons of the jerk sauce. Mix it up and let it marinate for a couple hours.

Then throw it on the grill, add more sauce as you go until done. I'm not including a picture of my not-so-clean grill. Look how yummy and succulent this chicken turned out.

Note there are only three chickens breasts here. It was enough to serve both Mr. Perky and I (we are big eaters) & enough left over to make a huge amount of my Spicy Chicken Salad, which I will be making today and sharing the recipe. Personally I only use Zaycon chicken now a days. Zaycon is a wonderful company that delivers your meat fresh from a local farmer to an event location near you, where they just load it up in your car. Really great prices and a unique referral program. You can learn more on this blog post: How to Save and Earn money with Zaycon Fresh Chicken.
Living on a farm without chickens yet and I love packing my freezer with 40 pounds of quality chicken at a time.

Thank you reading one of my favorite recipes, hope you try it out. Feel free to join our Perky Gramma Teaches Community on Facebook, where we share our newest life journey of creating a homestead.

If you have problems finding the Jerk sauce in your local grocery store, here is an Amazon associate link below for the Grace's brand of jerk sauce.

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