Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why my friends love this thing called Zaycon...

But, what I wanted you to know is that I am not the only person who is crazy about this company. Here are some reviews from people like you and me about what they think about Zaycon Fresh.

Personally I have bought the Zaycon chicken breasts, bacon and ground beef & without a doubt all three products are far superior to what you would find at the store. The price is great, the meats are out of this world and fresh from the farm.

Tassi: Have only had the chicken and the hamburger, but they are sooooo good and everyone always gives rave reviews about their other items. If their other meats are as good as the chicken and hamburger you can't go wrong. I am planning to get bacon next time it comes around. Heck, I think if they offered wet sawdust it would be amazing, all their stuff is.

(This is a response from Missy at Zaycon): So funny you say that, because we are offering 40 lbs of wet sawdust next month. Ha ha! Thanks! And bacon is an absolute favorite amongst customers, so you can't go wrong there!:)

Susan: I have used the chicken, bacon and hamburg. By far it is the freshest and cleanest meat I have ever ate. I have also raised my own chickens and pork and they are comparably awesome in taste!

Paula: This is chicken I can trust and it is delicious
My husband will not eat it from the grocery store not after eating this chick
Thanks for turning us on to the chicken from Zaycon.

BJ: I purchased the chicken and also the bacon wrapped pork fillets and just love them both. Far superior than anything i have gotten from a store.

Nancy: I have gotten the chicken, and of course love it! I can it, freeze it, share it and eat it!
Next was the ground beef.....Oh my, Yes, it is the best I've ever had, don't want to be without it!
The bacon was next for me I think (order doesn't really matter anyway) I can't say enough about the bacon...I buy it by the 4 cases at a time method! I share, and my son-in-laws LOVE me for "my" bacon! 
BUT...the sausage links are unreal too! Once again, we've never had sausage links like these....they look different that any link ever bought at the store....they are succulent, kinda spicy morsels of deliciousness! My youngest grandson (8) who is picky, picky, picky, loves these!
We tried the Maple Chicken Sausage patties.....and I while I wasn't a fan, one daughters family loved them...she said they were great for really quick "sausage McMuffins, out the door without McDonalds!
The hot dogs really are the best ..thought we don't eat them too often, 
The Polska Kielbasa is excellent! Love those, and look for ways to use them....great alone, in a sandwich roll with sauteed onions, peppers and mushrooms..ummm. great in a creole rice dish....
The Pot Roasts....while I wish they were a little bigger....I can't wait for them to come around again! flavor, tender, succulent, juicy....not enough words...I NEED more...more expensive than the market...but so worth it. Plus, the are choice, if not prime meat.
Bought 3 cases of pork ribs.....delicious! Buy again!
The Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Fillets.........words do not do these take a bite, and are carried away with your senses to somewhere you've never been before. Daughters call me every time they fix them to thank me for the case I bought them. Once again, my youngest grandson even "graded" his moms 'chef skills' on this one!. He's so funny....she got an "A" not and "A+"....only because he wants her to keep making this good food, and wants her to have room to improve!!!! 
The salmon it spectacular! Beautiful big pieces of boneless meat, comes vacuum sealed to perfection.....our favorite way is still cooked with equal parts butter, brown sugar and lemon juice...on the grill, in the oven, a pan anything!
The Cod is sorta to die for.....Tons of it in that box, and it is excellent! Done tons with it....bake, sear, fish tacos, battered.....

Laurie: Chicken breasts, pork baby back ribs, and bacon. All wonderful.
Robbyn: They are based in my state which I thought was a plus. I have bought the chicken wings and boneless thighs, the bacon, and ground beef. The wings are huge and very tasty. We especially like the bacon. I appreciate the quality of the ground beef. I try to steer as many people their way as I can. It is worth it.

Hop over to their site and see what all this excitement is about: Zaycon Fresh (referral link)


  1. Do they send the meat in the mail? How can I get some?

    1. KW Click here for their site & see if they have a location near you.: